Joi Ito’s Web

Japanese American techno visionary Joichi ‘Joi’ Ito is many
things — blogger, venture capitalist, club promoter, photographer,
physicist, activist, and political philosopher, just to name a few.
Born in Kyoto and raised in Canada and Michigan, Ito has been
riding the edge of the Internet wave since before the Web existed,
and has photographed virtually the entire adventure. After years of
bouncing back and forth between Japan and the U.S., he settled in
Tokyo in 1997 and since 1999 has dedicated himself to running
Neoteny, his venture capital fund. Early this year, he made waves
with his ‘Emergent Democracy Paper,’ a sprawling treatise on the
potential of weblogs and other social software tools to enable
large-scale direct democracy. His weblog, aptly subtitled ‘Joi
Ito’s conversation with the living web,’ is part daily diary, part
political and cultural column, and part virtual watering hole for
the technorati. At the end of September, he joined the Net Advisory
Net for presidential candidate Howard Dean’s Internet Initiative, a
team that ‘will focus on how to bridge the ‘digital divide’ by
providing universal broadband access to the Internet.’
Leif Utne

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Joi Ito’s Web

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