Joseph, Joseph, Bo-Boseph

The French novelist and diplomat Jean Giradudoux said, “The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” Allow me to introduce myself: Joseph Lieberman, Democratic hopeful with my eyes crossing on the oval office. My many years traipsing from one side of the senatorial aisle to the other has taught me many things, but especially the importance of a sense of humor. Good thing, too, because those goofballs at are certainly on their toes! I mean, when was the last time the media provided a platform for a grown man–especially a politician–to speak so clearly from both sides of his mouth. They’ve been kind enough to analyze and offer evidence of my personal position on a variety of campaign issues that I hold close to my heart and wallet. Without even asking me to show off my special brand of Capitol Hill finagling, they went ahead and even thought of a killer campaign slogan for me: “Joseph Lieberman. A New Kind of Democrat. The Republican Kind.”
Jessi Misslin

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