Junkbusters Anti-Telemarketing Script

Junkbusters Anti-Telemarketing Script,Junkbusters Corp
If those monotone telephone harangues have ruined more than a few
dinners at your house — but you’ve never been quite sure about
your rights in putting an end to them — Junkbusters
a privacy-advocacy firm, offers this clear-cut
solution. Using this ‘script’ (and what’s more satisfying than to
beat telemarketers by using their own methods?) recipients of
telephone solicitations can get vital information on who’s calling
and how to end future calls. If revenge is your aim, the script
even offers possible ways to sue them. While the script should not
be taken as legal advice, it has many links to resources such as
the Telephone Consumer Protection Act that tell you exactly what
your legal rights are. If everyone keeps this script by the
telephone at all times, domestic life could soon be far less
interrupted for all.
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