Just Say Super Size

If we all lived our lives traveling the Interstates and highways
of the U.S. fast food might seem like the only opportunity to dine.
Most every freeway exit features a microcosm of the fast food
industry, complete with three or four different brands of
drive-thru-ready burgers and fries. For many Americans who live in
the fast lane, McDonalds is a no-brainer. And judging by the recent
string of lawsuits filed against fast food corporations by
overweight patrons, one might think that poor eating habits were
forced on Americans. But of course most everyone gets to choose
what they eat, writes Luciano D?Orazio in Flak magazine.
In 2001, Surgeon General David Satcher said that obesity had
reached epidemic proportions and was quickly surpassing tobacco as
the leading cause of preventable death. Litigation is not included
under the Recommended Daily Allowance, and winning law suits will
not make Americans any healthier. The answer for a healthier
America, argues D?Orazio, is a lot more simple and boring. It
includes exercise and having the will power to eat right.

-Nick Garafola

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