Keeping Anarchy in Order

The Historical Archives of the Labadie Collection: Keeping Anarchy in Order,Stephanie Kadel-Taras, Michigan Today
The University of Michigan’s Labadie Collection is unassuming — mostly hidden from view and tucked away on the seventh floor of the school’s Hatcher Library. But inside, the collection is home to the largest holding of social protest literature in the world, writes Stephanie Kadel-Taras for Michigan Today. More than 40,000 books and 6,000 vertical files of leaflets — not to mention boxes and boxes of posters, buttons, pins, and medals — document demonstrations and political movements throughout U.S. history. The collection was created by Joseph Labadie, a social activist and popular newspaper columnist from Detroit. In 1911, Regents at the University of Michigan accepted his donation that established the collection, which Labadie had created to document his association with labor movements and anarchist activities from the 1870s to the 1930s.
–Kate Garsombke
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