Serves News With an Islamic View

In our post-9/11 world, gaining an understanding of Islamic
politics, culture, and religion has taken on new urgency and
significance. London-based Islamic Web site tracks
global news with a slant toward Islamic activism and advocacy, and
a not-so-subtle critique of what the U.S. is up to now. ?Khilafah?
denotes the political system of Islam, which includes its social,
economic and educational systems as well as its foreign policy. The
Khilafah is also responsible for spreading the message of Islam to
the world. In addition to current news, includes the
Kcom Journal, a Weblog of opinion and analysis, as well as articles
from its sister publication Khilafah Magazine, and archived
broadcasts from Kcom Radio. Headlines such as ?Islam in the western
Media ? How to discuss with non-Muslims?? and ?Integration, Regime
change, and the Iraqi opposition: True solutions for Iraq?? reflect
the site?s own sense of urgency in the aftermath of 9/11 and in the
face of impending war.

-Heather Dewar

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