Kissing E with the Hair Band

Kissing E with the Hair Band,Mark Edward Hornish, World Hum
After breaking up with his girlfriend, losing his job, and having his band dissolve, Mark Edward Hornish decided to hit the road in an 1978 AMC Hornet. Writing for World Hum, a Web site devoted to writing that “reveals the beating heart of travel,” Hornish recounts a memorable moment on his road trip. Looking for adventure, he found some in Wyoming when he realized he was almost out of gas and at least 75 miles from Gillette without a truck stop in sight. Out of options, he pulled up to two large tour buses in an empty lot and asked for help. The bus drivers suggested he drive between them and be drafted into Gillette. Amazingly, the plan worked and once at the truck stop Hornish learned the identity of his saviors. “Whitesnake,” he writes, “Arguably the worst band of all time.” Despite all their hair and rock’n’roll travesties, Hornish has to admit that they were nice guys.

–Maria Opitz
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