Kucinich Shows His Spine

As the myth of the ?Spineless Democrat? runs rampant on Capitol
Hill, Rep. Dennis Kucinich shows his backbone in a letter to Donald
Rumsfeld, demanding full disclosure of the Pvt. Jessica Lynch
rescue. In addition to ordering the public release of the unedited
video footage, Kucinich?who?s vying with eight other Democrats for
the party?s presidential endorsement?has requested clarification of
several questions surrounding the events of her rescue.

Dear Secretary Rumsfeld,

I am writing to request your assistance in resolving the
controversy surrounding the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch.

In the days following Private Lynch?s rescue from an Iraqi
hospital by U.S. Special Forces, numerous U.S. officials described
to national media outlets the circumstances surrounding this event.
They portrayed Private Lynch as receiving bullet and knife wounds,
experiencing mistreatment by Iraqi officials, and being spirited
away amid harsh enemy fire. They reported that Private Lynch
suffered amnesia and could not recall her rescue. Although U.S.
officials requested anonymity, their stories were widely reported
without correction or qualification by the Defense Department.
Indeed, the Department appeared to confirm the accuracy of these
reports, releasing for reporters an edited section of videotape
taken by a military cameraman using night vision equipment. Indeed,
in introducing this clip, General Vincent Brooks, the U.S.
spokesman in Doha, reportedly said: ?Some brave souls put their
lives on the line to make this happen.?[1]

More recently, however, contrary media accounts have emerged. At
their core, these accounts argue that the rescue was essentially
staged for a made-for-TV video. Specifically, these accounts have
reported that, in fact, Private Lynch sustained no bullet or knife
injuries. They have also reported that U.S. forces knew in advance
of the operation that no Iraqi forces were guarding the hospital.
They have reported that Iraqi medical staff treated Private Lynch
humanely, even donating their own blood. They have reported that
Iraqi medical staff actually tried to deliver Private Lynch in an
ambulance two days earlier, but they were fired upon by U.S.
forces. And they have reported that U.S. forces participating in
the rescue of Private Lynch were not fired upon by Iraqi forces.
Perhaps the harshest account claimed that the Pentagon?s staging of
this event was ?one of the most stunning pieces of news management
yet conceived.?[2] And Private Lynch?s father, Greg Lynch, told
reporters that Private Lynch did not in fact suffer from amnesia.
When he was asked to elaborate on the military operation that
recovered his daughter, he said, ?Right now we are really not
supposed to talk about that subject, you know.?

As you can see there is a wide gap between the facts as reported
initially and the manner in which they are being reported now. As I
understand the Defense Department?s position, these recent accounts
are ?outrageous, patently false and unsupported by the facts.?[3]
At the same time, Defense Department officials now seem to be
qualifying their earlier statements. For example, Bryan Whitman,
Department of Defense spokesman, reportedly said ?the U.S. military
never claimed that the troops came under fire when they burst into
the hospital.?[4]

I believe it is time for the Department of Defense to fully
disclose what happened.

First, I request that you order the public release of the
unedited footage taken by the military cameraman of the
military operation to recover Private Lynch. There has been a great
deal of commentary on the manner in which the Department edited and
aired a videotape of the rescue operation. Several media
representatives have requested that the full tape be released so
the American people can make an independent assessment of these
conflicting claims. I see no reason for the Department to reject
this request.

Second, I would like you to answer formally the following
questions about the health status of Private Lynch and the military
operation to recover her:

  • Did U.S. forces encounter any Iraqi forces in the
  • Were U.S. troops fired upon during the rescue operation? If so,
    please describe specifically the nature of the interchange.
  • Did U.S. [forces] have any information suggesting that Iraqi
    forces had abandoned the hospital?
  • Did Private Lynch sustain any gunshot or knife wounds?
  • Did U.S. officials have any information suggesting that Iraqi
    medical staff were trying to deliver Private Lynch to American
  • Did U.S. forces at any time fire on any ambulances?

Finally, I understand the Department has ordered an
investigation into the facts surrounding Private Lynch?s capture by
Iraqi forces. I also understand, however, that investigators were
not asked to examine the circumstances surrounding Private Lynch?s
rescue. In light of the controversy that has arisen regarding this
case, I suggest that the Pentagon?s ongoing investigation also
include the facts surrounding Private Lynch?s rescue as well.

If you have any questions about this request, please call my
Legislative Director, Jaron Bourke… I look forward to receiving
your response.


Dennis J. Kucinich, Ranking Minority Member Subcommittee on
National Security, Emerging Threats, and International


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