Kyoto Went On Without US. Now What?

The Kyoto protocol is meant to reduce the production of greenhouse gasses to stem climate change and its negative effects. Some 141 nations have ratified the agreement. The United States is not among them, despite its status as the world’s top polluter.

For Americans who support the goals of Kyoto, the Bush administration’s refusenik status is tough to swallow. That’s why Ross Gelbspan, an author on climate change, has launched a ‘people’s campaign’ to ratify Kyoto. He gives some valuable background on Kyoto and provides a link to the petition for those who’d like to sign in Grist Magazine.

Another primer, this one for the business-minded Kyoto supporter, is available on Joel Makower’s blog, which touches on items like stateside greenhouse-gas reporting initiatives and Chicago’s voluntary emissions-trading market.

And for those who still feel out of the loop, The Guardian has put together a comprehensive resource on Kyoto that includes links to its special report on climate change and a calculator for tallying your personal carbon emissions.

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