Last Call

By Staff

“There is an aspect to political activism that involves an incredible sense of urgency, people thinking, ‘I absolutely know what is right,’ and spirituality advocates that people step back, reflect, and approach the world with a sense of mystery–that maybe they don’t always know exactly what is right. . . . This is a good quality to bring into activism, to look at some of the deeper issues that way.”

Starhawk, activist, witch, Clamor (Feb./March 2001)

“POLITICS HAVE GOTTEN MORE and more ugly because finally the strongest ideas of the 20th century have all ended in disaster. And the great belief that democracy and capitalism are bona fide goods will probably end with the idea that everybody will go ass-over-teakettle for democracy. Jesus and Karl Marx agree on one thing anyway, which is that money leaches out all other values.”
Norman Mailer, writer, Poets and Writers (March/April 2001)

“AS A WRITER, I think it’s important to defend my privacy. On the other hand, as a reader, I’m as interested in writers’ lives as the next person. I suppose it’s a sentimental thing: You admire the work, and therefore you want to think that the person who produced it is a friend in some way, and therefore you try to get on some sort of personal terms with them . . . so you read the biography. And then you discover they’re a major shit.”
Julian Barnes, novelist, Details (March 2001)

“WE ARE ALL TRAINED to feel inferior as girls and as women. Finding our anger is one tool to get out of that box. It doesn’t work alone. If you live in a state of anger for long, you burn out. That’s why you have to find issues to work on that are meaningful to you, that give you something back–so you keep on doing it. A combination of anger and enjoyment keeps you going.”
Marge Piercy, poet and activist, The Progressive (Jan. 2001)

“MY AWARENESS OF MY BODY is different than it used to be . . . but it’s not purely a physical thing. It also leads you to a whole way of approaching impulse and trying to develop the observer, which is a huge part of performing–finding that balance between letting go and control, awareness and abandon.”
Willem Dafoe, actor, on why he does yoga, MovieMaker (Winter 2001)

“THESE ARE CONCENTRATION CAMPS for hogs. We had concentration camps in Poland before. We will not allow them again.”
Andrzej Lepper, president of the Polish Farmer’s Union, after visiting American hog farms, The Animals’ Agenda (Sept./Oct. 2000)

“IT’S EASY TO PICK UP on the dark stuff, it’s easy to pick up on the melancholy stuff. It’s easier to go after that. It’s a little harder to find a reason to talk about the light stuff.”
Robert Fisher, musician, No Depression (March/April 2001)

“MY HUSBAND, TONY, got to 60 first. I asked him how it felt. He said, ‘It feels just like I’m young, except with a bad case of the flu.’ “
Darlene Cohen, Buddhist priest and writer, Turning Wheel (Winter 2001)


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