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There’s been a drop-off in the number of inductees enlisting in
the Army, and military recruiters are now resorting to illegitimate
tactics to make their monthly two-recruit minimum. Since high
school students are a prime demographic, recruiters are pulling out
all the stops to reach them before they graduate; sometimes
contacting them as early as age 14, getting them to lie to their
parents, teaching them to ace a drug test, even threatening them
with time behind bars. The scandal’s gone so far, CBS News
reports, that the Army instituted a

one-day suspension on recruitment
last month just to

While investigations are under way into the accumulating
allegations of foul play, the military has a powerful weapon on its
side: No Child Left Behind. As a bonus to the act, recruiters have
access to students’ phone numbers and home addresses, making it
easier for an aggressive recruiter to harass a teen into
enlistment. Schools that don’t comply risk losing federal

Project members at Leave My Child Alone! have banded together to
keep this contact information private. Their website automatically
tracks down your district superintendent and generates an ‘Opt Out’
letter. You also can sign their online petition or send emails to
friends and family about how they can shield their children’s
is also circulating the petition

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Leave My Child

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