Lifeline Instead of Suicide

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among college-age Americans. But a new web site is providing a much-needed lifeline — Since its inception last year 1.3 million students have used it. After Jed Satow hung himself at the age of 20, his parents and the president of his fraternity decided to do something to help students who might be suffering as Jed had been. When they asked students at Jed’s school, the University of Arizona, what might help, there was one request that stood out: a safe place on the Internet for students to go with questions, confusion, concern for other students, and a helping hand. So the Satows created Ulifeline, providing online health evaluations, drug information, “fast, frank answers to hundreds of questions about emotional help,” links to support groups and crisis centers. Since the program was created, 72 colleges and universities have subscribed to the free service.
Joel Stonington

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Lifeline for Those Who Need One

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