Look Who’s Back at 67: Gentle Leonard Cohen

Look Who’s Back at 67: Gentle Leonard
Frank DiGiacomo, The New York Observer
With some 250 songs and poems in hand, Leonard Cohen returned to
Los Angeles after five years at a Zen monastery on Mount Baldy to
create a new album, Ten New Songs. Cohen acknowledges that
death shadows many of his songs, but he says that’s because at 67,
he’s aware of his limitations. ‘You may believe you have some
control over the decisions, but certainly not the consequences,’
says the venerable singer/songwriter. Despite his acute awareness
of life’s frailty, Cohen does not see himself as a spiritual man.
Instead, he offers a simple explanation for the expectations he has
of his music. ‘The most I can hope for is that the songs in some
small way have some utility in providing solace.’
–Kate Garsombke
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