Lord Morgan Apologizes

UK Desk: Lord Morgan Apologizes, ‘Lord Morgan of
Blighty Hall,’
Bully Magazine
If you loved ‘Notting Hill’ and rabidly follow every tabloid
account of the Royal Family, Lord Morgan of Blighty Hall would
probably like to take you by the lapels and brusquely shake you out
of your deplorable Anglophile reverie. But for those Americans who
can’t scratch their nails against a blackboard hard enough to get
Ann Robinson’s ‘You are the weakest link–GOOD-bye!’ out of their
heads, Lord Morgan offers his sympathy and sincere apologies. In
Bully Magazine, the Brit queasily confesses to the
‘exports that we (the British) have sent, or are sending you soon.
If we carry on like this we will have no excuse to be snooty to
Americans anymore.’ His list efficiently atones for such exports as
‘Crappy Game Shows’ and ‘Queen Mother Nonsense.’ But, he adds, the
British have endured this stuff longer than we have; so perhaps a
little mutual empathy is in order.
–Julie Madsen
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