In an effort to appear less defensive on environmental issues,
Republicans are trying on a new vocabulary. The strategy, laid out
in an easy-to-follow memorandum by GOP consultant Frank Luntz,
emphasizes ways in which Republicans can sound more eco-friendly.
Luntz suggests using words like ?safer,? ?cleaner? and ?healthier.?
You can read the memo for yourself on the web at, a site dedicated to decoding and combating
the latest in Republican political strategy. Click on ?LuntzSpeak
In Action? to see how well LuntzSpeak is being put to use by
right-wingers in Congress, as well as by cabinet members like
Interior Secretary Gale Norton and EPA Administrator Christine Todd
Whitman. The site lauds Whitman for her extraordinary use of
LuntzSpeak during her defense of the ?Clear Skies? air pollution
plan. ?Her testimony on April 8th sounds like it was written by
Frank Luntz himself,? write the web site?s editors. This site is
packed with resources?not only does it include a PDF download of
the 16-page Luntz memo, it also includes decoders to translate what
officials really mean when they’re speaking Luntz?s language.
Nick Garafola

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