Make Your Own Bush Speech, web site review

Ever dreamed of putting words in George W. Bush’s mouth? With a visit to Make Your Own Bush Speech you can do exactly that, choosing from an assortment of words and phrases to create a script that a cartoon of the president, complete with a McDonalds pin and yellow and purple tie, will recite in his squinty-eyed drawl. By clicking and dragging the words, you can choose from “cool things” (such as “squandered lives” and “persistent poverty,”) “big words” (including “comprehensive” and “my country,”) and “rubbish things” (like “urgent duty” and “law of morality”). Though it can be difficult to create a grammatically correct speech, the site does allow you the speechwriter to intersperse noises between words, including a “crowd boo,” “scream,” and “wet fart,” not to be confused with the “long squeaky fart.”
–Erica Sagrans

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