Mark Fiore’s Brilliant and Humorous Animations

Mark Fiore’s satirical and burlesque cartoons on paper have been
printed in newspapers throughout the country. His weekly animated
cartoons, skillfully and humorously commenting from the left, are
only found on the Internet. This week’s cartoon features Bush,
Rice, Rummy, and Rove as, ‘Damage Control Inc: your political
fallout professionals.’ Fiore’s cartoons take choice topics such as
the attempts at damage control, laughable without the cartooning,
and turns Bush and Co. into a mirthless caricature — complete with
a parody of Bush’s voice that is annoyingly accurate. Other
cartoons include a look at Bush’s custom ‘WMD finder’ that he just
can’t get to work, and the new ‘FCC Minister of Information: The
Mother of Babble.’ If politics in the world of Bush, the Deuce, is
getting you down, then check out Mark Fiore’s cartoons for some
good belly laughs.
Joel Stonington

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Mark Fiore

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