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Mayo Clinics, Sam Graceffo, M.D., Syracuse New Times
If you thought the medical industry truly considered a healthy diet to be important for Americans — almost half of whom are currently considered overweight — you may need to reconsider. Fast-food franchises have now invaded our nation’s top medical centers, reports Sam Graceffo in Syracuse New Times. After patients have recovered from a heart attack, they only need walk down the hospital hall for a post-surgery Big Mac with fries. This hypocrisy of our medical experts — who warn that America’s fast-food, high-fat diet contributes to diabetes, heart disease and obesity, while at the same time allowing fast-food chains to serve their high-fat foods in their medical centers — was exposed in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Graceffo hopes that hospitals, which banned smoking in the 1980s, will take similar steps opposing fast food, and practice what they preach.
–Rebecca Wienbar
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