Links for McKibben’s “The Environmental Issue From Hell”

“What Would Jesus Drive?”
Another McKibben article on the issue of religion and environmentalism.

The SUV Info Link
Lots of links about SUVs and what the costs of owning them are.
The Sierra Club’s Global Warming Campaign
Global Warming: Focus on the Future
This Web site is based on the travelling exhibition “Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast”.
Contemplating Religion and Environment on the Net
Harvard’s guide to the link between environment and religion.
The National Religious Partnership for the Environment
This is the blanket organization that is pushing for environmentalism as preserving God’s creation.
This is actually a Heartland Institute site that is anti-conservation. Those sneaky bastards!
“I’m Changing The Climate”
This is a humorous site about tagging SUVs with bumper stickers that say “I’m Changing the Climate- Ask me How”.

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