Mecca Cola Classic

America?s economy is so war-dependent, even our colas have
battles. In Israel, however, war is more than just some Madison
Avenue concoction, and no one is profiting. Enter Mecca-Cola, the
Muslim-friendly beverage with a different business model: ?putting
the economy to work in the name of ideology.? Twenty percent of
Mecca-Cola?s net profits go to Palestinian charities promoting
child welfare, education, and achieving peace without the use of
?fighting factions.? Founded by French-Tunisian Tawfiq Mathlouthi,
Mecca-Cola is quickly becoming the hit of the Middle East and
European Union among soda drinkers tired of the dominance of
American colas. To quote the Mecca-Cola motto: ?No more drinking
stupid. Drink with commitment.?
?Erin Ferdinand

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