Media Ownership: Get Involved

One week after the Third Circuit Court in Philadelphia trumped
the Federal Communications Commission’s lax media ownership rules,
the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) asks for your help in
convincing FCC Chairman Michael Powell and President Bush, both
well-known corporate lackeys, to ‘accept the court’s ruling and not
resort to a protracted appeals process, which would adversely
affect the public interest,’ writes the CFA.

Powell did everything he could one year ago to ‘further
de-regulate his buddies in the telecommunications industry,’
insisting that ‘weakening the rules for ownership of media outlets
would create MORE diversity in the marketplace, not LESS.’ Three
million Americans disagreed, giving Congress the wherewithal to
block the ridiculous FCC rules. Thanks to the Third Circuit Court
in Philadelphia, the city that birthed this democracy, the momentum
may be back in the hands of the people. For, as the CFA writes,
‘It’s up to the people to make their voices heard.’ And writing
letters to Powell and Bush is one way to do so.

The wording suggested by the CFA are poignant and ring as true
as the Liberty Bell: ‘The FCC’s attempts to relax media ownership
rules met strong opposition in Congress, at public hearings around
the country, and in public opinion polls, giving birth to a
remarkable grass roots movement. The public feels that the media is
already too concentrated and further mergers would be detrimental
to democratic discourse in America because it limits the diversity
of sources of information.’ All you have to do is sign your name
and click a couple buttons.
Jacob Wheeler

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Ownership: Get Involved

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