Media That Matters Online Film Festival

Media That Matters Online Film Festival helps activists from
many backgrounds create documentaries that inspire discussion of
social issues. And with this, their second annual online film
festival, the organization offers a wide range of short films that
bring light to talented filmmakers and often-overlooked

The 17 featured films take on poverty, women’s rights, youth
activism, race, sexual orientation, and much more. But each film is
more about the lives of specific people that are affected by these
issues, and their own ways of coping and changing their

Venus of Mars, for instance, looks at Venus of the
Minneapolis rock band All the Pretty Horses–a ‘gender pioneer
choosing to live in between.’ Ketchup Soup analyzes child
hunger by depicting how a poor mother feeds her child. Mann Ke
Manjeere: An Album of Women’s Dreams
tells of one Indian
woman’s struggle to break from the repressive treatment of women in
her country. And Brown profiles of a young bi-racial couple
raising their son in New York City.

The Web site offers a sidebar with each film explaining the film’s
inspiration, production, and lists of resources for viewers who are
moved to take action.
–Julie Madsen
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