Movin’ and Shakin’

New Scientist (Sept. 24, 2005) reports that
‘it’s never too late for lifelong sloths to reap the mental rewards
of exercise.’ Researchers at the Salk Institute in La Jolla,
California, have found that old, lazy mice grow new neurons and ace
cognitive tests after beginning to use a running wheel. If you’re a
couch potato of any age, it’s time to put down this article and
start to . . . hula!

Spirituality & Health (Dec. 2005) notes
that the Hawaiian tradition of hula is a great way not only to
increase your heart rate but also to heal old emotional wounds.
Rissa Delaquil, a Hawaii native, discovered hula’s healing power
after being mugged and beaten. While Delaquil has danced hula
professionally since she was a young girl, anyone can use its
restorative power, she says. She suggests just ‘letting your
imagination and emotions run free as you move to the music that
most inspires you.’ . . . Feel stiff and robotic at work? You’re
always telling yourself to take more breaks, stretch your
overworked muscles, and rest your mind, but there never seems to be
time. Now you don’t have to think about it; technology will make
time for you.

Yoga Journal (Nov. 2005) reports on a new
product, the RSIGuard, a software program that sets break times for
you and then locks your keyboard during the scheduled break. Now
you have no excuse for not making time to stretch during the
workday (and a great excuse for not having your work done on

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