My Turning Point

My Turning Point: What events changed your life? Web site review by Julie Madsen,
This Flash-intensive, otherworldy-looking site provides a haven for anyone wanting to share a moment “which stands out as an experience so significant that a decision resulted which turned life’s direction.” You can read and respond to others’ confessions and self-discoveries or share their own in categories based on age, gender, ethnicity, time, name, or a wide range of themes such as “transformative insights,” identity, war/political, relationships, trauma, and many others. The stories can be chosen at random from points on the site, which are scattered almost like regions on a map. The arrangement highlights the individuality of each experience, though the categories offer interesting comparisons between them. Further, many of the same stories can be found under different themes, which encourages the reader to analyze each experience through a different lens. However you choose to view them, you’ll find both the commonality and uniqueness that is found in each person’s life experiences.
–Julie Madsen
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