Name That Winning Word

Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to lift our spirits
in times of war and winter doldrums. That was the inspiration for
Grist Magazine?s ?Cheer Us Up the Weather is Godawful and
We?re at War? contest. The challenge, presented by advice columnist
Umbra Fisk: to create ?a clever, meaningful word meaning
?anti-environmentalist? [that?s both] withering in tone and
contagious in nature.? Some 350 readers contributed their most
creative vernacular. Notable finalists included: biolooter,
tree-thugger and ecoperp. Alice Vey Veley of
Houston, Texas, took top honors with pollutocrat, a word
deriving from both the Latin word, polluere, meaning ?to
soil, defile? and the Greek word kratos, meaning
?strength, might, rule, authority.? In lieu of cash prizes, Vey
will receive the opportunity to influence the media by contributing
to our lexicon a ?derogatory, habit-changing word for those who
care not a whit for the world.? Let?s reward her hard work by using
this word often and loudly. Pollutocrat, pollutocrat,
Erin Ferdinand

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