Nominees for General Excellence

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The Oxford American
It would be easy to dismiss the Oxford American as a “literary journal” – well-written and engaging fiction, essays, and poetry – if it just weren’t so relevant and provocative. The Oxford American does not pander to contemporary culture but reforms its essence into the magazine’s own vision – reasoned, intelligent, and uncompromising, but always a good read.US $19.95/yr. (6 issues)
Orders to: The Oxford American
P.O. Box 1156
Oxford, MS 38655
Or, by phone: 1-800-269-6926

Orion blurs the boundaries – between the human and the natural, the sciences and the arts, the personal and the global – to redefine just what Nature is. According to Orion, it’s not some pristine rainforest or virgin timber stand, but the environment we live in. Whether you’re an apartment dweller or at home in the country, this smart, literate magazine will challenge you to rethink your relationship with your surroundings.US $30/yr. (4 issues)
Orders to: Orion
195 Main Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230
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Or, by phone: 888-909-6568
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The Sciences
www.nyas.orgCan a scientific magazine be cultural? The Sciences emphatically proves the affirmative, presenting well-written reviews, museum-quality illustrations, and essays alongside features ranging from analyses of ant colonies to reflections on futurology. The Sciences is written by scientists, but the quality of its content and presentation make it accessible to anyone with an interest.US $28/yr. Intl. US$28/yr. (6 issues)
Orders to: Publications, New York Academy of Sciences
2 East 63rd Street
New York, NY 10021
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212-838-0230, ext. 341 or 342
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Shambhala Sun
www.shambhalasun.comA two-time Alternative Press Awards winner, Shambhala Sun moves beyond its Buddhist base to promote a pan-spirituality centered on basic human goodness. Profound yet grounded, the Shambhala Sun proves that Buddhism and spirituality are more relevant than ever in modern life.US $14.95/yr. CDN $25/yr. Intl. US$25 (6 issues)
U.S. orders to: Shambhala Sun
1585 Barrington St., Suite 300
Halifax, NS B3J 1Z8 Canada
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Or, by phone: (US) 1-877-786-1950 Ext. 14
(Intl.) 902-422-8404 ext. 14

www.doubletakemagazine.orgPerhaps more than any other magazine out there, DoubleTake will make you ache inside – with hope, with despair, with longing, with empathy. Whether the topic is Kosovo, a simple friendship, or a disappearing New England island, the sheer emotion in the photographs, essays, fiction, and poetry document how life is and, just possibly, what it could be.US $32/yr. (4 issues)
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55 Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144
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