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THISmag.orgCovering serious issues without taking itself too seriously, This has been skewering Canadian society, celebrating its culture, and making a valuable nuisance of itself for more than 30 years. Its in-depth arts coverage and pointed humor combined with solid investigative reporting make it a journal that’s not only good, but good for you.CDN $23.99/yr.
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401 Richmond St. W. #396
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8
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The American Prospect majority of Americans are frustrated with or apathetic about politics, but the source of frustration is not the inherent issues of public policy, but how they are practiced and covered in the media today. The American Prospect breaks through the clutter of Beltway gridlock and politics as entertainment to offer a practical and convincing vision of liberal philosophy, politics, and public life. More than ever, public politics shape our private choices, and with articles on topical issues such as affirmative actions, Darwinism in schools, and the current state of the administration, the Prospect articulately shows the effect of these politics.US $29.95/yr. Canada $44.95/yr. Intl. $49.95/yr. (22 issues)
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Wilson Quarterly
Every active citizen knows raising the hard questions about themes that run through our everyday lives — politics, religion, culture — is the first step toward solutions to society’s problems. The Wilson Quarterly not only asks these questions, framed in a larger historical context to provide welcome perspective, but offers insightful possible solutions as a starting point for discussion.US $24/yr. Canada/Intl. US$39/yr. (4 issues)
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www.msmagazine.comAn unapologetic, defiantly strident feminist magazine, Ms. refuses to fall into the self-satisfied and insulated cocoon of the careerist middle class. Instead, it stretches to include international women’s issues, the working class, the disabled, and the otherwise voiceless half of our population. Serious issues (environmental feminism, the glass ceiling) mingle with the playful (sex, the arts), making Ms. an enjoyable read as well as an empowering one.US $35/yr. Canada US$42/yr. Intl. US$43 (surface mail)/$78 (air mail) (6 issues)
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The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
www.bullatomsci.orgThe Bulletin got its start during the Manhattan Project and still concentrates on nuclear issues (both pro and con), but has also branched out in larger political concerns tied to atomic power and weaponry – international security issues, military spending, the arms trade – to inform how people think about war-and-peace issues. Controversial? Perhaps. But thoughtful, accurate, and valuable? Definitely.US$28/yr. or Canada/Mexico US$30/yr.
Intl. US$35/yr. (6 issues)
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In-depth coverage of eye-opening issues that affect your life.