Nominees for Science and the Environment

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Orion tightly focused topics such as hawk migration to more general concerns such as the future of the environmental movements, Orion never ceases to inform and illuminate the importance of the environment in our everyday life. Orion is a regular APA nominee, and its poetry, reviews, and essays by leaders in the field continue to take sciences out of the classroom and into our culture.US $30/yr. (4 issues)
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HerbalGram concentrates primarily on the medicinal value of herbs, using objective medical studies and scientific research to move this holistic approach to healing out of the realm of folklore and into the mainstream as a proven effective treatment. Articles on individual herbs, general herb news around the globe, and effectiveness of and variations in available products make HerbalGram a must-read for anyone interested in natural health.US $29/yr. CAN$36/yr. Intl. $44/yr. (4 issues)
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Wild Earth
www.wild-earth.orgBlending wilderness preservation, conservation biology, and wildlands activism, Wild Earth writes with equal passion about specific endangered plants and animals and larger land-ethics debates. It is not only a reporter but also an advocate, and its willingness to tackle controversial issues ensures that there will always be some wild earth as long as this quarterly exists.US $25/yr.
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The Sciences
www.nyas.orgPublishing articles on fighting gorillas, quantum computing, and prebirth surgery next to one another could make for a schizophrenic, discordant journal, but The Sciences avoids this fate by maintaining an intellectual rigor and forum for cross-disciplinary discussion no matter what its topic. It’s a journal both engrossing and informing, and might even help you discover what makes the world tick.US $28/yr. Intl. US$28/yr. (6 issues)
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World Watch
Myriad publications monitor individual health, and dozens more discuss our relationship to the environment, but very few focus on the earth’s well-being. World Watch treats the earth as a living creature, and offers deeply researched, insightful articles on issues that will determine its long-term health and sustainability — declining cultural and biological diversity, climate changes, water resources, and more.North America US$20/yr. Intl. US$35/yr. (6 issues)
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