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Lilith aims to be the voice for the interconntection between feminism and Jewish life, and it has been succeeding for more than 20 years. Gloria Steinem says, “Lilith creates a voice where there was silence . . . .It does this with anger and delight, good writing and good humor.” With joy and pathos, Lilith gets to the core of female Jewish life through reviews, poetry, fiction, and contemporary takes on traditional rituals.
US $18/yr. (4 issues)
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250 W. 57th St., Suite 2432
New York, NY 10017
Or, by phone: 888-254-5484

The Noetic Sciences Review
The Noetic Sciences Review stems from an ancient tradition — noetic come from nous, Greek for “ways of knowing” — yet stays relevant to contemporary life by searching out and redefining these ways through the perspectives of mind and spirit as well as the physical reality. With thoughtful, introspective articles, the Noetic Sciences Review faithfully chronicles the emerging field of consciousness studies.US $35/yr. (3 issues)
Orders to: Institute of Noetic Sciences
475 Gate Five Rd., Suite 300
Sausalito, CA 94965
Or, by phone at 800-383-1394

www.pangaia.comPaganism is one of the most misunderstood belief systems in our culture today, making PanGaia an invaluable resource for pagans and those curious about the pagan world. Taking away much of the mystery but none of the magic behind paganism, PanGaia explores the power of the goddess and the natural world.US $18/yr. (4 issues)
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P.O. Box 641
Point Arena, CA 95468
Or, by phone at 877-726-4242

re:generation quarterly
www.regenerator.comA review of the science-fiction movie The Matrix, features on our societal struggle with body image, and a critique of postmodernism — this from a “religious” magazine? Yes, which why re:generation is so germane. With incisive articles locating the spirituality in all aspects of our culture, re:generation provides a strong foundation for an emerging generation to build a vibrant and lasting community.US $19.95/yr. (4 issues)
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P.O. Box 381042
Cambridge, MA 02238-1042
Or, by phone at 800-783-4903

Frequent APA nominee and winner Tricycle only improves with age, managing at once to convey the essence of Buddhist teachings while still remaining accessible and informative to non-Buddhists. Articles on subjects as traditional as dharma and impermanence and as contemporary as the relationship between Prozac and enlightenment, plus whimsical features on the Buddha-nature of dogs, showcase Tricycle‘s range and playful yet profound spirit that make it the standard-bearer of its genre.US $24/yr. (4 issues)
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92 Vandam St.
New York, NY 10013
Or, by phone at 800-873-9871
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