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The Oxford American
www.linguafranca.comAt times the Oxford American reads like a slow Sunday-morning drawl on the front porch, lulling you with its beautiful, hypnotic poetry and prose, until you’re forced into attention by the images those words evoke, from the still-simmering small-town relations of the “New” South to a rhapsodic paean to the greatest singer you’ve never heard. No matter what the topic, the Oxford American proves that good writing can capture it, issue after issue.US $19.95/yr. (6 issues)
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P.O. Box 1156
Oxford, MS 38655
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The North American Review North American Review breaks no overt new ground — it is a typical literary journal mix of primarily short fiction and poetry, cleanly and simply designed — but it fills its niche extremely well. The writing is uniformly top notch, and is set apart from the crowded field by its focus on society’s relation to its environment, in all its large- and small-scale permutations.US $22/yr. Canada $29 Intl. $32/yr. (6 issues)
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1222 W. 27th Street
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0516
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he Georgia Review every word is as packed with richness and meaning as those found in the Georgia Review, a brief summary cannot hope to adequately convey the depth and power of its essays, poetry, and fiction. Let it be said, though, that the writing is uniformly top-notch, intelligent without being pedantic, and guiltlessly pleasurable. More than that, you’ll have to read for yourself.US $18/yr. (4 issues)
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The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
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The American Scholar
Cultural criticism too often degenerates into academic indulgence, but when it’s done judiciously and with an eye to its larger audience, as in the The American Scholar, it’s as illuminating and trenchant as anything else on paper. Through poetry, first-person essays, and well-researched critiques, the American Scholar challenges the reader’s assumptions with every turn of the page.US $25/yr. (4 issues)
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Phi Beta Kappa Society
1785 Massachusetts Av. NW
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www.doubletakemagazine.orgDoubleTake‘s poetry and prose showcases the power of excellent writing so clearly that that the reader will be inspired to seek pen and paper and create such luminescence anew. Yet the magazine’s mastery of its craft is not so easily replicated — its poetry and fiction creates a world at times more real than the actual, while its essays try, and often succeed, to explain this actual.US $32/yr. (4 issues)
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Somerville, MA 02144
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