Norwegian Teen Wins DVD Decryption Case

A Norwegian Court Tuesday acquitted a teenaged computer coder who
had published his DVD decryption code on the Internet. The ruling
was seen by some as a crushing blow to the American entertainment
industry.As the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports,
16-year-old Jon Lech Johansen was acquitted of all charges in the
copyright infringement case, which had been brought three years
earlier by the Motion Picture Association of America and other
plaintiffs. Judge Irene Sogn ruled that there was ?no evidence?
that Johansen had used the decryption code for illegal purposes and
that it was not illegal to use the code to watch DVD films obtained
legally. The code allows Johansen?and others?to view DVDs on their
computers rather than having to buy expensive DVD players. Legal
experts had been eagerly awaiting the outcome of the case, which
they believed could have copyright ramifications.–Craig CoxGo
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