Nuclear Solitaire

No longer restricted to nationalistic flexing of muscles, now
everyone can play nuclear solitaire on the Greenpeace web site,
with a deck of cards featuring ‘most wanted’ world leaders who are
undermining the Nuclear Non-Proliferations Treaty (NPT). The ace of
spades reads, ‘George W. Bush — President, United States of
America. Possessor of approximately 10,600 nuclear weapons inside
the NPT.’ Greenpeace presented the decks of cards to the delegates
of the 2003 NPT preparatory conference in Geneva in an effort to
focus attention on a subject that has, for the most part, drifted
out of the public spot light. While the world looks the other way,
this game of nuclear solitaire is, as Greenpeace says, ‘a great way
for world leaders to pass the time while the Nuclear
Non-Proliferations Treaty Collapses.’
Joel Stonington

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Nuclear Solitaire

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