Off the Grass

Off the Grass,Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Natural Home
When Carolyn Linville and Larry Holgerson surveyed the sprawling lawn of their suburban Colorado home, the idea of mowing all that grass was less than appealing, writes Robyn Griggs Lawrence in Natural Home. Their solution? Eliminate as much grass as possible. In its place, they planted a vegetable garden, potato field and decorative plants, and then built a pond that houses goldfish, koi, and frogs. The frogs turned out to be useful as well as decorative: Because the frogs scavenge their gardens for bugs, the couple has virtually no insect problems. Their creative yard not only controls the insect population and provides them with food from their gardens, but adds tranquility to their lives as well. “I just don’t think you can have a pond with fish and frogs, that bubbling and gurgling water sound, and get completely stressed out,” said Linville.
–Rebecca Wienbar
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