On the Road for Peace

Liza Van Peski is walking from Belfast, Maine, to Washington,
D.C., to demonstrate her personal commitment to peace?and to
demonstrate that our personal choices have an effect on the world.
?Follow your own heart to your own creative action, with friends or
alone,? Peski says on her web site, PeaceAfoot.com. ?Know that each
one of us can make a difference.? Peski?s one-woman protest has
been successful at raising awareness; her story has been picked up
by at least nine different news outlets. In her online journal, she
recounts her experiences with people stopping to talk or yell about
the anti-war message that she sports on her backpack. When faced
with people spouting pro-war rhetoric, Peski replies, ?Wishing
soldiers were not in harms way is supporting them.? ?Nick

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