Open House

Huzzah! King George hath decreed that his loyal subjects need
not have checked the $3 contribution box on tax forms that would
support public financing of the upcoming primary. So spend your
money on Valium, watch Fox News, and sleep, sweet commoners,
because the King can do it without you. No, this is not from
The Onion. The web site, a project
of Public Citizen, asks and answers the question ‘What has 1,166
legs and flies first-class?’ with its detailed reporting on the
special-interest contributions to Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign.
The site provides a juicy analysis of the record of favoritism,
conflicts-of-interest, and influence peddling from the Bush
campaign’s so-called ‘Rangers’ and ‘Pioneers’ — those who have
neatly bundled $200,000 and $100,000, respectively, for the
upcoming Republican primary. The site also offers extensive
information on how campaign finance works, while exploring the
question, ‘How should it work?’ Tour dates for the King and Queen,
as well as Court Jester Cheney, are conveniently listed if you
would like to attend. But beware, the average cover charge is
Adam Overland

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