Operation Neil Bush?s Freedom

Affairs, savings and loan schemes, and an ex-wife threatening a
tell-all book?Neil Bush certainly has been busy. Bill Berkowitz,
writing for WorkingForChange, reports of various offenses
committed by George W. Bush?s brother, Neil. The most egregious
fault relates to his treatment of his wife and two children in the
early stages of his divorce proceedings. Neil offered them a paltry
$1,000 per month alimony though he reported an income of more than
$800,000. Unfortunately for Neil, his wife decided to fight back by
threatening to write an insider biography of the Bush family. This
biography would reveal that the ?Bushes are far more pragmatic and
calculating than has ever been seen before.? Luckily for the Bush
family, or perhaps because of some serious strong-arming, Neil Bush
increased the alimony offer, and his wife put the book project on
hold, proving again that for some families secrets must be kept at
any cost.
?Amelia Bauerly

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Neil Bush?s Freedom

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