O Porto

Every now and then something intrudes into the chaos of the rat
race that reminds us why Shakespeare wrote sonnets and not sports.
Like the voice of Madredeus’ Teresa Salgueiro, an instrument so
sublime it requires iambic pentameter to do a description of it

It is a thing of beauty on this exquisite live set, breathing
tunefulness and evincing the gamut of emotions, from bittersweet
anguish to celestial grace, seemingly without the slightest effort.
Director Wim Wenders was so captivated by Salgueiro he made her and
Madredeus the stars of his film, Lisbon Story. O Porto is the ideal
venue for the charms of Salgueiro and the intimate music of her
Portuguese quintet, whose novel brand of chamber-folk, Portuguese
fado and Renaissance influences has the air of recital about

Salgueiro and company-classical guitars, acoustic bass and
synthesizer colorings-seduce with a serene but soulful intensity
that spirits you away to a quieter time and place away from the
noise, where you just might be able to hear the stirrings of the
poet’s pen.

FromEscape(July, 1999.)
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