Place a Bet on Future White House Idiocy, Seriously

How could anyone have guessed that the Defense Department would
go for a casino approach to predicting terrorism? Well, a new web
site allows you to wager on the next staggeringly stupid action to
come from Bush and Co.The site, American Action Market (AAM), is
surprisingly similar to the abandoned Policy Analysis Market (PAM)
web site that turned into a public relations nightmare the moment
it was announced by the Defense Advance Research Project Agency
(DARPA). PAM was called ‘unbelievably stupid’ by a congressman,
‘wacky’ by The New York Times and ‘brilliantly
imaginative’ by Paul Wolfowitz. The result was a long sigh of
relief as liar John Poindexter turned in his resignation and plucky
Wolfowitz put his foot in his mouth — saying maybe DARPA got ‘too

In response to PAM, and since it has become nearly impossible
for liberals to imagine what debacle will be next, AAM enables the
average American to place bets on topics such as:

  • The next country to which the White House will issue an
  • When the next foreign leader will move from the CIA payroll to
    the ‘most wanted’ list.
  • When the next White House lie will break the news.

Could the AAM futures market on the White House have predicted
some of the disasters from the past few years? Conceived by a
number of academics from various colleges, including the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, and New
York University, Wired reports that one of the founders of
AAM, Andrew Geiger, said, ‘Who knows whether it will reveal stuff?’
Regardless, the new site is opening for registration on September 1
and for trading on October 1, the same dates set for PAM. AAM will
be open 24 hours a day and ‘should prove as engaging as it is
Joel Stonington

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