Places the United States has Bombed

Places the United States has Bombed,
Web site review by Erica Sagrans
Through aerial map-like drawings depicting the many locations the
United States has bombed, Elin O’Hara Slavick uses beautiful images
to seduce the viewer into looking closer at the horror and history
that is beneath the surface. The 45 drawings of locations from
Baghdad to Colorado–originally intended as an art project–are a
result of Slavick’s self-education (and are a means to educate
others) about U.S. military interventions, geography, politics,
history, cartography, and the language of war. The artist ‘offers
these maps as protests against each and every bombing’ through ‘a
medium that’s partially visual, partially mathematical, partially
textual, a complicated miscellany of scale, orientation,
projection, grids, signs, symbols, lines, colors, words.’
–Erica Sagrans
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