Play Washington Monopoly 2000

Washington Monopoly 2000,
Play corporate monopoly: it’s not just for multi-nationals
anymore! At the Washington Monopoly 2000 web site,
with a roll of the dice, you can find out how many billions of
dollars corporations like AT&T, Philip Morris and Verizon
played with this year, and how much of that they spent on
both George Bush and Al Gore, keeping all of their political
bases covered for the next four years. While you’re there, check
out the USA Decay home page, a mock magazine
based on the idea that there are no substantive differences between
the two major party presidential candidates, featuring a creepy
morphed ‘AlGe Bore, the man from Textassee’– George W. with Al’s
head imposed on top. Laugh, if you are not already crying!
Amanda Luker


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