Please Stop Talking, I Have to Use the Bathroom

Some people never stop talking, and some people, Lisa Lutz among
them, just can’t get away from these ramblers to find some peace
and quiet. Lutz has ‘always felt powerless when confronted by
someone who demanded an audience… always felt an inexplicable
need to be that audience.’ The author’s life has been filled with a
talkative high-school teaching ex-nun, an aspiring poet coworker
who wouldn’t stop spewing bad lamentations, and a communicative
painter roommate wishing for endless chats. Lutz endured this need
for communication until reaching the breaking point one night, when
she told the roommate that no, she did not like her art or her
unstoppable chatter. And by saying she did not enjoy the paintings,
it seems that Lutz expressed everything she had been holding in, as
soon the art came down and the roommate decided to move out; ‘The
bare walls providing a kind of calm I cannot describe.’
–Erica Sagrans
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