Poetry Spam

Poetry Spam,SatireWire
SatireWire, subtitled “new satire for the new economy,” is currently featuring a contest in which contestants must make poetry out of actual email spam messages. Entitled “Poetry (…er) Spam,” the contest requires that contestants string together rhymes from those annoying email cloggers that drive us all mad. “This was no picnic,” SatireWire reports. “It’s not so easy to wax poetic when you are saddled with such phrases as “Your name was just obtained from an Opt-In Mail List” or “I sent out 500 letters and in just 3 months received $2,430,988 in one dollar bills!” The site includes several examples, with titles like “This is Not Spam” and “Spam Rap” and ridiculously rhyming tidbits like “with no risk or obligation/ would you like more information?” Ingenious? You decide.
–Amanda Luker
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