Poets May Lead the Publishing Revolution

Poets May Lead the Publishing Revolution,Dennis Loy Johnson, MobyLives
While conglomeration may be the ongoing trend in the business world for the near future, it hasn’t worked so well in the publishing industry. However, Dennis Loy Johnson in MobyLives says that this year, readers increasingly turned to smaller presses for what to read. And when it comes to poetry, lesser-known presses have the majors solidly beat. Johnson writes: “…will the big boys learn? Probably not. One thing making me think this is the way that, long ago, most of the big houses completely ceded the publishing of poetry to smaller presses, and they haven’t looked back since.” And, with April being National Poetry Month, these smaller presses are expected to really shine. Johnson also gives a rundown of the up-and-coming poetry collections from these publishers.
–Julie Madsen
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