Power Crisis Energizes Fuel-Cell Industry

Power Crisis Energizes Fuel-Cell
Chris Clark, Environmental News

Like most emerging technologies, research for fuel-cells costs a
lot and puts investors at risk. On the Environmental News
writer Chris Clark projects that millions will be
spent on fuel cell research with very little immediate return.
However, the current energy crisis has spurred many investors to
consider this more sustainable method of producing electricity.
Clark writes: ‘Due to the uncertainty inherent in the industry in
its early stages, traditional brokers often shy away from
recommending fuel cell stocks… But for the investor that doesn’t
mind a little financial risk in the service of a cleaner planet,
the fuel cell and allied industries are definitely worth a closer
look’ Already there’s been a wide range of proposals for use of
fuel-cell technology. In several North American cities fuel-cell
powered busses roam the streets.
–Sara V.
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