Radical Recycling

Mountain Gazette is printed on paper so damned
biodegradable with soy ink so environmentally benign that, instead
of recycling it, you can just pour milk on it and eat it. The fiber
content is guaranteed high.

Mountain Gazette is printed on paper made from the
shredded bark of the Laotian nub-nub tree — considered by
environmentalists to be the most renewable paper source in the
world. The bark is gathered by a cooperative of single mothers who
chew it till it’s soft. It is then mixed with highly renewable ox
dung and shipped via papyrus dugout canoe to the States, where it
is finally made into Mountain Gazette.

Mountain Gazette is printed on paper made from recycled
excess packaging that just about every natural foods company in the
world uses, while exclaiming, usually on that very packaging, how
environmentally friendly their products are because inside the
plastic wrapper, which is inside the cardboard box, are food items
made from free-ranging pigs and unfettered chickens and cows.

Mountain Gazette has been trying for three years now to
print ourselves on paper recycled from old Mountain
— the ultimate form of recycling. Thing is, because
we have a return rate of almost zero, there are never enough old
Gazettes lying around to use for this purpose, so,
beginning with this issue, we are recycling ourselves from
long-discarded copies of Rocky Mountain Sports and Ski
magazines, old copies of which are found in abundance in
these parts.

Mountain Gazette is printed on paper recycled from all
the promotional material that now has to be destroyed after the
Bush administration canceled a federally sponsored event
celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. The
National Wilderness Summit and Expo was canceled, according to
environmental groups, because the Bush administration felt it was
too close to the election and would produce publicity unfavorable
to the administration. How could they think such a thing?

Reprinted from recent issues of Mountain Gazette,
winner of the 2001 Utne Independent Press Award for regional
coverage. Subscriptions: $20 (10 issues) from Box 585, Frisco, CO
80443; www.

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