Rini Templeton?s Art for the Struggle

The idea of intellectual property or laying claim to your idea
may have never occurred to artist Rini Templeton. For 20 years she
produced black-and-white images promoting unity among people
involved in grassroots struggles and never indulged in any
self-promotion. After studying printmaking in Mexico, Templeton
founded the Havana Cathedral Printmaking Workshop in Cuba. She
regularly joined in meetings and demonstrations for the advancement
of social justice, and her self-titled ?xerox art? created the
imagery for whatever cause she embraced. Her work focuses on
people?s struggles from the Americas, but it?s called xerox art
because Templeton invites activists everywhere to photocopy and use
her work. It?s a wonder that the name Rini Templeton is even
associated with the more than 600 drawings she has created because
she never attached her signature to the work. As a result, the
drawings are more popular than her name. And now, even 10 years
after her death, activists everywhere are familiar with the imagery
popularized by this humble artist. Download activist imagery from
the ?how to use? portion of the web site.
Nick Garafola

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