R.I.P.: Horizon Magazineand Open Letters

Horizon Magazine
and Open Letters

As the recent wave of dot-com carnage continues, we are sad to
announce the passage of two of our favorite online publications,
Horizon Magazine and Open Letters. Both
sites announced their final issue last week. Horizon is a
Baltimore-based youth webzine, focused on the arts, culture, and
activism by focusing on positive solutions to community problems.
We will dearly miss Horizon’s heartfelt coverage of issues
ranging from the environment, to the drug war, to hunger and
homelessness. Open Letters delivered its readers daily or
weekly emails that contained in-depth personal essays from a cadre
of great writers in the form of a more meaty printed ‘magazine.’
Open Letters editor Paul Tough writes, ‘What Open
felt like was something that evolved on its own, a
living thing, created not only by its editors and writers, but by
its readers as well. So that’s what I’m grateful for: for the
chance to have been a part of it.’ Both publications will keep
their websites archived online indefinitely, so be sure to check
them out.


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