Safeguarding the Information Commons

?For democracy to flourish, citizens need free and open access
to ideas,? writes Nancy Kranich, senior research fellow at the Free
Expression Policy Project (FEPP). ?In today?s digital age, this
means access to knowledge, information, and ideas online.? Kranich,
the former president of the American Library Association, heads
FEPP?s project on the ?information commons??the collective body of
knowledge that is freely available to everyone. Due to copyright
laws that look out for corporate interests over the interests of
the individual or society, the amount of information we are able to
access is dwindling and the content that is available is subject to
censorship, such as mandated filters installed on Internet access
at public libraries. In conjunction with other online projects like
the Creative Commons, FEPP is building a wealth of library
collections and digital communities?free to the public, for

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