Salam Pax Is Real

He has been called the Anne Frank of Baghdad for his insightful
wartime diary, and he rivals Elvis in inscrutability and rumored
sightings. In truth, he is Salam Pax, a well-informed Iraqi blogger
who has been critical of both the former ruling Baath party, and
the occupying Western allies. His blogs have created a fan base of
malcontents who sport Salam Pax T-shirts, and his writing has been
fodder for CNN, The New Yorker, and the Village
. Anyone who got caught up in the mystery of Salam Pax
was musing about who the blogger might be, including reporter Peter
Maass. After accumulating pieces of the Pax puzzle, Maass figured
out that the evasive blogger was his very own interpreter with whom
he had been traveling while covering the war. Maass says that Pax
downplays his celebrity status. When Pax learned of the T-shirt and
coffee mug product line featuring his namesake, he had a humble
response: ?Are you kidding.?
?Nick Garafola

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