Satirewire’s 2nd Annual Poetry Slam Spam

Satirewire’s 2nd Annual Poetry
Last year we showcased the winners of SatireWire’s
Poetry Contest; this year we’re ahead of the curve. If you need to
express your feelings about all the spam in your inbox, here’s your
chance. Between now and midnight December 31, you can enter your
best haiku, sonnet or villanelle about the trials and tribulations
of spam. The contest separates the entries into two categories:
Strictly Spam, in which you must use exact phrases from spams, and
Freestyle, in which you wax poetic about those lovely messages.
Last year’s Freestyle winner created Shakespam, a parody of
Hamlet’s famous soliloquy. ‘Neither a forwarder nor a spammer be;
For spam oft loses both itself and friend; But, soft! what message
through yonder inbox comes?’ Emily Briggs from Ann Arbor, Mich.
writes. ‘It is the spam, and is the sender.’ For
a little comic relief and inspiration, check out the other winners
and the contest rules. Good luck!
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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